5 Best Lending Softwares in Ghana

FinnOne Neo Loan Management (LMS

 As a loan management solution, it enables financial institutions to automate the processes for achieving cost savings and enhanced customer experience. Has the ability to run credit evaluation processes to control the credit losses. Moreover, in view of the customer requirements, financial institutions want to disburse loans in the minimum possible time with requisite credit checks and without any errors.

Requires a little bit of training and continuous support.

See more https://bit.ly/3aqxQXS

Loan Book

Loanbook is a simple cloud based solution designed for small and medium lenders. It’s simplicity allows users to manage their clients and loans with the much needed ease.

Works perfectly on Windows, Linux, Web Browser and Mobile.

Download for Linux – http://bit.ly/2TctPjG

Download for windows – http://bit.ly/2vtz7OE

Web version – http://bit.ly/38lCt3C

With loan book register clients, set loan fees and interest, loan application approval, disbursement and print statements.
Loan Book is actually free for one User.

Craft silicon

Bankers Realm is designed to operate large volume of transactions. This software is designed to operate independent of the platform and in any standard browser.

Some of the features include

  • Products – This module allows set up of the products and services offered by the financial institution. Loans & Advances – The modules allow tracking of loans, overdrafts and other credit line details.
  • Bulk upload facility
  • Fixed Assets
  • Collateral and Guarantor management

See more https://www.craftsilicon.com/core-banking/


Easy 2 Use, Robust Microfinance Software that efficiently manages Micro-Banking & SACCO Operations

Some of the features include

  • Create & Manage Loans and Automated Loan Repayments from Client Savings Account
  • Loan Interest Computation Options: Flat, Declining Balance, Declining Balance Equal Principle.

See more https://sourceforge.net/projects/cobis/

Nortridge Loan System

Nortridge Loan System is a simple to use, full-fledged enterprise-grade loan servicing software.

Key modules:

  • Loan Origination
  • Loan Servicing, and Collections
  • Escrow, Participations, Multi-Book Accounting, and Client Web Portal.

Users of the solution can also find hundreds of pre-defined reports

Erick Kamau
Erick Kamau

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