Jisort Collateral management software

Jisort Collateral management software

Collateral refer to asset set apart as security for a loan issue by a financier to a borrower.

Management of collateral can be demanding task for any financial institution.

Some of the considerations in respect to collateral management on Jisort include:

Register a collateral with correct identity information such LR Number for Land and Engine Number to moving assets.

Capture the correct valuation of the Asset

Capture correct ownership information of the collateral

Verification of information captured

Tie a collateral to the loan facility it has secured and ensure the collateral cannot be used multiple times fraudulently

Release a collateral after the loan facility it was securing has been paid for completely.

Jisort is the best collateral management software for SACCOs and Microfinance Institutions.

On Jisort

Go to Loans

Go to Collateral Registration

Click on View Collateral to edit existing collateral

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