Bulk SMS in e-Commerce: 6 ways to grow your business

Bulk SMS services offer e-Commerce (online) businesses a unique opportunity. The services offer an opportunity for the businesses to grab customers’ attention and offer good customer service to them. Online businesses are using bulk SMS service can be used in various ways. They include;

Order Status Notification

Firstly, every customer usually expects to get this kind of notifications. Most online stores send their customers order processing, shipping and delivery SMS. This keeps the customer informed of the entire process of their order thus keeping them at ease.

Offer Discounts

Discounts are an attractive way to build sales and a client base. Most e-Commerce platforms request first time customers to enter their name, email address and phone number. With this information, the platform can send promotional messages to customers, including discount offers.

New Products

Customers often sign up for notifications about products or brands they like. When products are in stock, customers are notified through SMS and they can go ahead to place their orders. Also, you can share information about other available products that the customer might be interested in.

Internal Communication

Bulk SMS is one of the faster channels of communication with your employees and others in the company. It makes it easy to send special announcements/ news and holiday greetings to employees as well as customers. Additionally, the messages may contain orders from customers, delivery time and customer address. This can promote faster processing of customer orders and delivery.

Special Occasions

Send your customers seasons’ greetings during holidays like Christmas, New Year etc. Include holiday offers in the SMS to drive traffic to your site and increase your sales. Customers are likely to share the information within their circles, thus bringing you more clients. You can also send SMS to customers to give them special discounts on their birthdays and other special occasions.
Reminders about special occasions can also be sent to inactive customers. This prompts them to use your service again.

Rescue abandoned shopping carts

A customer may fill up their shopping cart and leave without making a purchase. Bulk SMS can be used to remind them of their  abandoned cart; providing a link for them to go complete their order.

Bulk SMS in e-Commerce is proving to be a reliable communication tool. The e-Commerce industry is a very competitive space that majorly relies on effective communication with customers. Evidently, most players in this industry are turning to bulk SMS to meet this need. It is an affordable, fast communication tool with higher ROI (return on investment). In conclusion, bulk SMS is the communication solution for your online business.

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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