Digital Sacco

Did you know Kamata SACCO has 150 members but ZERO staff..?


But how is this possible..?


  1. Kamata Members Register online
  2. Kamata Members Apply Loans Online
  3. Kamata Credit Committee approve Loans Online
  4. Kamata Members get loans disbursed to their Mpesa or Equity Bank Account
  5. Kamata Members get loans just after a day after submission of application


How long do your members have to wait to get their money..?


  1. Why do you have to write papers in name of Cheques in 2018..?
  2. Kamata Members pay their loans and shares automatically through Equity and Mpesa
  3. Kamata Members get SMS receipt
  4. Kamata Members use Jisort App to check their balances, download their statements and chat with their officials.
  5. Why do they need a Staff..???
  6. Go Digital with Jisort


Where will you take existing staff..?

Assign them new roles – Let them recruit new members and support them online.


GROW with Jisort




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