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Forces behind Microfinance System in Africa

Forces behind Microfinance System in Africa

Financial outlook in Africa is filled with success stories of mobile money. Mobile money in Africa was started and popularized the success of Mpesa based Kenya and recently introduced to Tanzania.

Mobile money in Africa has transformed the microfinance industry forever. With this development of the microfinance industry, this has resulted to other parts of the world learning about the model and trying to reproduce to their markets.


Mobile money evolution

It is one of the single largest blessing to the growth microfinance in Africa and especially in East Africa. Mobile money evolution has taken microfinances and microfinance system to mobile. There is no single microfinance system in Africa and especially in East Africa fail to mention about mobile money integrations.


Jisort presence in Africa

Jisort remain one of the major player in the Microfinance System in Africa domain.

We remain committed to ensure the microfinance industry benefits fully from the mobile money, mobile, cloud and any kind of disruptive technology. Jisort has one of the cheapest microfinance system acquisition cost in the whole of Africa.

Jisort has clients in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Swaziland, Nigeria, Botswana, Ghana, among other African countries.


Loans forms the backbone of every microfinance institution. With Loans as the main product offering of any microfinance organization, a microfinance system in African’s context must suit the environment. Some of the Microfinance system fail to understand the various models of loan products in Africa.

Jisort team has been serving African clientele since 2013 and this has placed us in the best position to deliver a perfect loan management system and thus microfinance system.

Mobile lending

There is a rise of mobile lending service offering by microfinance organizations in Africa. Jisort stands out as one of the few microfinance system that support mobile lending today. Get started with Jisort mobile lending and serve the vast underserved market.