How to get a Free Website for your Microfinance Institution

Probably you have heard about websites and you think it’s a good idea to have a website. Especially for large businesses and some other kinds of businesses such as schools, online shops, web hosting businesses, car dealers, hotels, and such kinds. This article explains How to Get a Free Website for your Microfinance Institution.

Your Cooperative, SACCO, Microfinance, Lending Business, or Credit Union require and must have a website in 2020, why..? Let me explain in a few words starting by demystifying what is a website and why it’s a must-have for all businesses.

What is a Website?

A website is an online poster or online business card on which you share details about your business. Do you have a business card, have you had posters in your Cooperative, MFI, SACCO or Lending Business? I bet you have.

A website is just by the fact it is online, is more superior to an ordinary business card and an ordinary poster. Here are 7 Reasons why a Website is superior to posters and business cards

  1. A website is available globally – anyone with internet can search and see your website from their phones or computer
  2. Website allow edit or change of information easily as compared to a printed poster or business card.
  3. A website can provide much more information, can provide more information than a 1000 businesses cards or posters.
  4. website can be read in many languages by other people on the internet
  5. A website can present information in multiple formats – text, images, videos, audio recordings, maps, among others.
  6. There are no printing costs for a website like in the case of a Business card or Poster.
  7. A website will post your business on Google, anyone looking for your business on Google will get details such as contacts, location and working hours

Do I need a Website?

Of course, by now you know a website is a must-have for all businesses including Cooperatives, SACCOs, MFI, Credit Unions, and Lenders. Just like a poster and a business card, here are some details that you need to share with your members, customers, potential members, and customers.

  1. Contact Details – phone numbers and emails I can use to contact you.
  2. Various products that the SACCO, MFI, Cooperative, Credit Union offer
  3. Office Location if any
  4. Who are the officials or the team
  5. Upcoming Events
  6. New Offers
  7. News like when will the office be open or closed
  8. Who the business serves – for example traders in Lusaka, Milk farmers in Kiambu, TSC teachers, Cart operators in New Delhi,

How much do I spend on a Website?

As of 2020, with an emergency of, you do not need a budget for a website. You can literary spend nothing on your first website. Is this even possible? Keep reading to find out how.

How to get a Free Website for Microfinance is a free Website Builder. This website builder platform is just like but now it is easier to use and it is free to get started. free package comes with the following features:

  • Free Domain
  • Display Branding
  • SSL certificate
  • SEO Tools
  • DNS Management
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • 200 MB Disk Space
  • 1 Website Package allows anyone to create a website, from their phone or computer. You are asked a few questions and the system generates for you a beautiful website that you can change things by editing and copy-pasting information.

Try on your phone.

Let’s look at the package above and what you get for free from

 Free Domain

This means you do not need to invest in a custom domain but instead you can use the domain here is an example: if your MFI is called Power Sacco or Power Cooperative or Power MFI, can give you free domain names such as


Anyone who will access your domain will end up on your website.

Display Branding

The website will have a small advertisement saying this is a free website made using This advertisement can be removed by upgrading to the paid packages.

SSL certificate provides a free SSL certificate to every website, your website will be secure from hackers.

SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools from will help your website to be found on Google. Anyone searching your business on Google by typing your business name will be led to your website.

Ready-to-use templates

On there are hundreds of premade website designs from which you can choose, there are websites for kinds of business including Saccos, Cooperatives, MFIs, and Credit Unions. Check them out and choose the best for your website.

200 MB Disk Space

This is the space your website will be stored in the cloud, you can add images, videos, and documents for up to 200MB. In case you do have large files or many documents and videos to put online, consider upgrading to the next package that provides a large volume of space.

What is the Catch with Free Website for Microfinance?

There is no Catch. hopes and believes that as soon you get started with the free package, your business will thrive. You will get more customers, with more customers you will find the need to have a custom domain such as


These custom domains are sold on and therefore they will make money from your purchase. At that point you will definitely need to share larger files such as images, videos, documents with your customers and members of the public – this will require an upgrade to a paid package and hence will get some money to pay the bills.

Conclusion: Free Website for Microfinance

Get a website for your organization, there is absolutely no cost of trying at Olitt. Website is a must-have in this modern age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Do I need a developer or Designer to get a Website?

No, tools like and allow anyone to come up with a website – they literary create a website for you as you wait.

Can I connect my Website with Facebook?

Websites at allow connecting to Facebook or even Instagram pages or profiles

Is free package free forever or just for 1 month..? free package is free forever, if there is no need to upgrade you website will be running for free forever.


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