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A Sacco is an acronym from the descriptive Savings and Credit Co-operative Organization. This is formed by persons or people who have a common purpose of pooling their resources together for mutual economic and social benefit. The history of Saccos in Kenya is one with a humble beginning that was enacted by several people with common goals; save and borrow. Each Sacco is governed by SACCO LAWS that is overseen by a Sacco Committee that regulates the running of a Sacco. Law and Order is decisive whereas integrity, honest, trust, resilient, development minded and growth oriented are the characteristics of Sacco members. When one desires to join a Sacco there is a registration fee one is required to bestow. In other Saccos they request for a certain amount as Savings to the members account. The registration fee is treated as Income together with Passbooks.

Technology emergence strategically brought about the need to automate Sacco transactions and keep records. Softwares designed for Saccos was and still is a voracious famishment that the African society is yet to fill. Systems are being outsourced each day . Jisort Banking Software is a software developed and designed to suit the needs and requirements of any Sacco in all sectors. It is a software system engineered towards gaining transparency and accountability where transaction is concerned. It is the most trusted serving Sacco system in East Africa. The joy of using Jisort Banking Software is that it is a Webbased software that is a Saas system. Incredible module incorporated to offer the best services ever. Report generation is no longer hectic as with Jisort Banking Software one just clicks under the Report tab and each report type in outlined, you only did to choose which is which.

Membership increases day in day out as now people embrace the essentiality of a Sacco and benefit from the low interest loans they offer. These members need member number for identification and authentication. The manual process has proved to be hectic. Jisort Banking Software allows unlimited member registration and offers unique member number to identify each member. The members details are intensively captured including their next of keen details. Registration allows members to be categorized in saving groups. Contributing to ones account is progressive as it accumulates either in shares or savings. Jisort Banking Software shares management allows transfer of ones shares to a different account. The dividend or interest accrued doesn’t have to wait 8until AGM to be confirmed, the uniqueness of Jisort Banking Software software allows compounding the interest and added to ones savings account. Jisort Banking Software is mobile enabled as one can access it through any Smartphone. It is affordable software as once acquired the Sacco saves on alerts, notifications or public address. The SMS module allows bulk SMS where the Sacco sends alerts to members via their phones. This saves time and resources in the other hand promoting trust and confidence.

The joy of Jisort Banking Software as a Sacco software is also applauded as the Loan module is a clinch in loan application, guarantorship, approval and disbursement. All these transaction date, amount, member name, Amortization and Mode of disbursement are captured attentively. Once you want to pay up your loan and you cannot make it to the Sacco or Bank, a member is at liberty to use Mobile Money. Jisort Banking Software being a system that is Mobile Money Transfer integrated, guarantees that the amount sent reached the Sacco, is accounted for and accrued where necessary. Loan defaulters by name and how much is generated in the system page allowing one to acknowledge, no need to search or note them down. Generation or transactions receipt is a walk in the park with Jisort Banking Software system. It is a system not only great but a must have for Saccos who have members in the Diaspora. Applying a loan, guaranteeing one is easy and saving all those miles away not a hurdle with Jisort Banking Software. The greatness of Jisort Banking Software is edified where members login to the system through Smartphones, Tablets or PC as long as they are internet enabled. Emailing of statements with Jisort Banking Software is Pap, saving time and resources, Again!

Trial balance and Cashbook are available in the system and they offer comprehensive reports per transaction. Jisort Banking Software enables a Sacco to compile reports in accordance with dates. Members’ statement is available and members can login and view their statements for accuracy and filing. Data security is one of a kind with Sacco software, it is encrypted making it incomprehensible to anyone. There is Back-up of the information or data, giving rest, credit and assurance that if the server crashes one can retrieve the information and proceed from there. Jisort Banking Software impedes a stranger to use the system or gather access to the system. On the user part, once a user has delayed in using the system it logs out, thus restricting anyone to see what the other user was working on. This is security and dependency that Jisort Banking Software offers to Saccos.

Sacco is able to capture income and expenses at they occur. This is prolonged where a Sacco is able to budget as the system offers Budgeting functionality. A Sacco can add more that one default bank in the system that reflects while contributing or loan repayment. The drop-down function makes it easier to use and saves time while serving a member. Jisort Banking Software exceeds all other software in functionality,dependency and integrity. Jisort Banking Software remains the best or do I say Great Sacco Software .