One of the principal challenges of modern applications is to offer a multitude of features without making the application complex. Jisort Banking Software has added several features and still has ease of access and is simple for even the illiterate to use. Let’s define ‘Feature’ as it is known in the ICT Sector or in another word ICT Base. A Feature is a distinguishing or distinctive characteristic of a software item that defines its functionality or performance. Features organize a system’s functionality and therefore is a broad application of the concept of feature to number of areas of software engineering, research and practice. Features are also useful for description of commonalities and variabilities in the analysis, design and implementation of software systems. A software must provide a vast number of complex features to its user ranging from terminal services. A system is said to be feature rich when it has many options and functional capabilities available to the users.

Jisort Banking Software features are unique and streamlined to offer an efficient working system. The manual modality of Sacco might not define these features but they are core even in the manual management of a Sacco. These features are intuitive as outlined below;

Member/Client’s Registration

Allows registration or members and their profiles or rather the bio data captured widely. Managing of members personal documents digitally promoting ease of access and retrieving of other documents possible. Members open accounts for various saving products and operates them easily.

Check-off, Shares management and Human Resource

Check off allows organization of members in a particular format that enables easy upload of data or information. Human resource is enabled and assists to manage the employed staff of the organization and initiates salary processing. Shares management as we all know intimates transfer of funds between different accounts.

Loan Products

Creation of new and unique loan products provided in the Jisort Banking Software products elevates the dynamism in loan products. Loan security extends to guarantorship or collateral management depending on the Organization policy or settings. Successful loan application proceeds to loan approval modeled dynamically to suit client’s policy. How long,how much, when? These questions are answered by the loan amortization as it offers a loan schedule that feature number of repayments, date of repayment and amount per repayment. Loan schedule allows a member to be aware and keeps a lingering mind to pay up the loan promptly.

Financial Module

Accounting is paramount I every system and it’s capability to capture double entry transaction makes it even better. Financial report and their accuracy is seriously something of concern and regard. The Jisort Banking Software offers cashbook,Banking and Reconciliation, Trial Balance, Profit and loss and Balance sheet. Mobile money transfer services is integrated with Jisort Banking Software and an organization is able to add a mobile money transfer service to its payment channel.


The above feature in Jisort Banking Software software enables an organization to process reports across all range. Nclusive in the reports are dates, amount if required ,balances and the transaction name for that matter. Printing and exporting to Word,Excel or PDF is not a wish but a reality with Jisort Banking Software System. Customization is a request that is countable as an organization is allowed to model its own custom solution. Adding,editing or deleting are tabs available across various transactional functions at disposal. Modeling of own solution creates familiar ground or base with the system and this enables one to note various changes that are or might be required.

System Administrator, Online banking,SMS Module

The above are features that are not common in other Sacco systems. System administrator allows an organization to set up its policy, loan setting or overhaul Sacco settings. Creation of groups, permission of system access is done in this section. A manager is able to retrieve Audit trail from this section illustrating each users work daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Jisort Banking Software has a Dashboard that allows members to login securely,register for an account, view and download statements. It also has a help desk or support chat section where clients get real time support. The SMS module integrated with the system allows sending or alerts and notification to members. USSD enables two way messaging as members can send requests or query on a matter and get feedback righton.

All these amazing features make Jisort Banking Software a superb system for Microfinaces,Saccos, Chama and every other Financial Institutions. Without a doubt Jisort Banking Software is amazing and still development and upgrade continue. The cloud microfinance is low overhead as supevison of upgrade and system administration is managed by the vendor as it is cloud. We cannot forgetabout the ease of access,high availability, just needs internet and a browser, Kwisha you can run your system. The last but not the least is security and fast deployment, Saas provides better level of security and availability, disaster recovery and the most important…Backup. Fast deployment in regards it is easier and fast to deploy compared to installation and troubshooting conventional servers or software.


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