Jisort Impact to the Financial Sector

Jisort Impact to the Financial Sector

What is Jisort

Jisort is a digital platform that enable lenders to offer financial products to a wider market at a cost effective rates. Digital delivery of services to a wide online clientele is the competitive edge that enable these digital lenders to offer the most competitive rates in market.

Jisort is also a financial marketplace that enable clients to access innovative and customized financial products at the most competitive rates. There are two popular products

  1. Micro loans
  2. Micro insurance

Micro loans

  1. Allow borrowers access loans collateral free
  2. Allow borrowers access loans with most flexible repayment periods
  3. Allow borrowers’ access with flexible loan amounts
  4. Allow borrowers access loans from multiple lenders
  5. Allow financial providers to serve low income earners

Micro insurance

  1. Allow clients’ access custom and precise cover – pay for the precise premium
  2. Allow clients to buy short term insurance cover like goods delivery, travel
  3. Allow clients to access insurance cover at lowest rates in the market.
  4. Allow insurance companies to serve low income earners.



Impact to the Financial Sector


Financial Inclusivity

Jisort has brought financial services to people underserved by the mainstream financial players – low income earners


Jisort allow financial service providers cut cost of service delivery – this brings cost of financial services down for the end consumer

Competition on Jisort marketplace allow consumers to access financial products at the best rates.

Demystification of Financial Services

What is insurance, why do I need one – this questions remain among most underserved people.

With Jisort, it’s about paying an extra $10 –just in case you lose your luggage you get a $300 to offset some of the losses incurred – this makes sense.

Financial literacy

Jisort customers understand the need to borrow, pay responsibly promoting their credit worthiness.

Jisort customers do not unwisely guarantee loans – since it affect their credit score.

Financial Freedom

Jisort marketplace provides multiple option to customers – no risk get boxed by one financial service provider.

Acquire a financial services anytime, from anywhere, from the convenience of your smartphone.


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