Jisort Micro lending

Jisort Micro lending

Jisort is a digital financial marketplace that features multiple financial providers offering financial products to the marketplace users.

Products available on Jisort Marketplace include:

  • Microloans
  • Loans
  • Digital products like airtime
  • Micro insurance products

Jisort is an organization on mission to increase financial inclusivity and freedom in Africa.

To achieve this mission, Jisort has position itself as a platform supporting an ecosystem of partners with similar mission. Some the partners at Jisort include:

  • Lending organizations – providing financial resources through credit products
  • Insurance companies – providing insurance products
  • ICT Companies – providing platform support and customization purposes
  • Independent professionals –providing professional services like training, integrations, sales

What you can get at Jisort today

Anyone can access the following services

  • Instant Microloan products
  • Micro –insurance product


  • Verified Identity through your smartphone
  • Application for the particular service


Jisort is superior to other lending platforms for the following reasons:

  1. Jisort hosts multiple lenders, giving borrowers competitive terms
  2. Jisort is community driven – cooperatives and credit unions use Jisort to serve their members
  3. Jisort supports varied financial products including micro-insurance products



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