Jisort Microfinance Management software

Jisort Microfinance Management software

There are a few popular microfinance software in the market now including Esacco, Loan Perfomer, Banker’s Realm, Mifos, Musoni, Mambu and Jisort.

Did you know?

Esacco became Jisort when it went to cloud and focused on better user experience and wide scope of financial institution served.

Jisort is a special microfinance management software, with several special features for the management of Microfinance Institutions.

Some of the special microfinance institution management features include:

Comprehensive KYC

Capture your clients in a wizard like workflow that ensures your field officer captures all the important data.

Verify validity of a phone number – any country

Verify validity of an email address

Check for data completeness

Upload of images

Comprehensive Loan management

  1. Create a dynamic loan product
  2. Allow capture of flexible payment periods
  3. Allow capture of dynamic loan fees and loan interest or profit
  4. Allow capture of dynamic collateral settings
  5. Allow capture of dynamic guarantorship in the loans
  6. Allow capture of custom formulas to calculate loan fees
  7. Allow flexible loan amortization


Custom Reports/ Report Generator

Create your own custom report that serves your need using Jisort Report Generator.

Dynamic Savings management

Jisort allow savings products to accrue interest and also attract fees and charges as it may be applicable by the Microfinance institution


Mobile Lending marketplace

Do you want to launch mobile lending service..? Jisort helps you launch mobile lending at a click of a button.

Go live today with Jisort.

Large Ecosystem

Jisort Ecosystem supports a school of certified trainers, certified system implementers, certified data clerks, and certified system developers who make it easier to launch and operate on Jisort. Join the movement today.





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