Drive Your Business Forward Efficiently

Stay organized , and manage your customers—from anywhere , anytime. Our solutions’ functionality ensures every detail from every matter is captured. Work in compliance with regulatory standards using straightforward financial tools. Improve your processes and profit—it’s a win, win.

Connect with more customers, earn new business, and unlock revenue-driving sales and marketing opportunities with Jisort. Trust us to deliver when you need us most.

Loan Management System
With Jisort, the less stringent credit appraisal process promotes accessibility of credit services to the unbanked population.
Microfinance Management System
With Jisort at the core of your lending architecture, you get a firm technology foundation that builds customer-centric experiences.
Sacco Management System
To be competitive, you need a high-velocity SACCO management solution only made possible with Jisort.
Sacco Software System
Our cloud-native SACCO software can scale with you in numbers or across borders. Digital transformation that’s cost-effective.
Bulk SMS

Reach customers conveniently with SMS. With the highest read-rate, you can run SMS marketing messages, service alerts or critical notifications.

Jisort API
Use our SMS API to interact with your customers. Join us in transforming your customer experience for good.
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Rich Business Reporting
and Analytical Solutions.

Generates rich reports and analysis to aid data driven decision making. In addition to reports and statements, Jisort supports Client Mobile Applications.

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