Here Is The Best Lending Software For Small Business

Are you looking for the best lending software for small business?

Small businesses are the lead core of many large organizations, every business must begin small and from there it begins growing and expanding by opening up more branches.

What is lending?

Lending is borrowing from one person or organization to credit a debtor(s) with aim of getting it back. Isn’t only about money but also can be in form of property or other assets. 

It’s a two-way transaction in that the lender gives and the debtor receives to give back with interest. The lender also considers having collateral in case the debtor fails to pay their dues.

Lending can be divided into two:

  1. Consumer lending- this is a private/personal lending practice that involves crediting of personal expenses.
  2. Business lending- this practice involves a large sum of money or assets to be used in the business expenses.

Types of lenders

  • Peer to peer lending- is a platform that connects borrowers to lenders either online by using lending organizations.
  • Crowdfunding- is like peer to peer but they don’t get the exact amount the lent but end up getting something else; if they were funding for a movie studio they can get a copy of the produced movie.
  • Family and friends- are the best ones to lend money but need to have an agreement so as not to affect personal relationships.
  • Yourself- you only need to have a means, cash, and a way to get in touch with your clients and make money for giving money.

What is a lending business?

It’s a business created to credit loaners and debtors cash or other financial assets to continue their businesses.

What is lending software?

It’s an application that will help you manage your clients, their data, loans and many other transactions to be done.

It will help you save time and keep accurate details of loans and transactions.

So what is this lending software for small businesses?

Introducing Jisort, the best lending software for small businesses.

Jisort is a credit management application for Banks, SACCOS, Credit Unions, Lending Organisations, and many other Micro Finance Institutions.

It simply manages their clients’ information, keeps track of their transactions, and generate reports and business statements.

Jisort being up and running for 6 years; has developed an alternative real-time integrated banking channel that allows Financial Institutions to offer banking services with minimum cost. 

Jisort also has grown to serve both local and international clients with Core Banking System that can easily be integrated with banks and other payment gateways.

Jisort fully integrates with:

  • Banks
  • M-Pesa
  • Tigo
  • PesaLink
  • Vodacom
  • Credit Revenue Burea
  • Any many others.

How does Jisort work?

It integrates with banks and many other financial institutions to provide you with reports on clients and how your business performance.

Also keeps your clients’ data safe, keep track of your loans, keeps records of all transactions as well as generates reports and business statements.

Makes it easy for a lender to give loans on time, check on which loans are due and it also reminds clients whenever the loans are due.

lending software for small business

This is a simple demo dashboard of how the system looks. As seen above management of loans is easy and fast. 

Jisort also offers bulky SMS to help you reach out to your clients. Jisort is very budget-friendly:

lending software for small business

Manage all your clients and get reports for as low as $20. 

Why use Jisort?

  • Simple- you don’t need special skills to operate the system.
  • All-in-one- manage all your client’s data, reports, and related information in one place.
  • Affordable- with as little as $20 get your clients’ data safe, keep records of all transactions done, and keep reminding clients of due loans.
  • Reliable- get reports generated easily and fast.
  • Easy payment modules – integrated with mobile money, banks, cards so payments can be done easily.
  • Rich reporting and business analytic tools to help you run your business.

Get the Jisort now and start managing all your clients fast and easily.

Make money without having to sweat about risks because Jisort will help you identify all high-risk loaners and keep you safe from crediting the wrong people.

Jisort system also has an alert that will always tell you whenever a client makes changes or any other transactions.

Take the journey of starting small and grow each day with this lending software for small businesses.


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