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AND Global

AND company that aims at offering accessible finance to the underbanked in Mongolia, Asia and across the world through technological innovations/ solutions.

The solutions have the following features;

  • Fully digitized on-boarding process
  • Product setup
  • AI-Based credit Scoring
  • Blockchain- based payment system
  • Ability to integrate with other banking systems through APIs and other means
  • A fully function Customer Relationship Management System

LendMN app is one of the leading solutions by AND Global. It is available for android and iOSVisit https://and.global/ for more information.


One of the simplest loan management solutions in Mongolia is the Loanbook. The solution is an application supported on different platforms such as Web, Windows and Linux. No set up is required hence is easy to use by anyone. It can be used by small lenders and credit companies. 

Some of the features available are;

  • Client account registration
  • Loan application and disbursement
  • Interest calculation
  • Generation of the repayment schedule
  • Reports and analysis

For more on Loanbook visit; Loanbook


FlexFinance solution is a comprehensive software suitable for use by banks and other financial institutions. It is easy to onboard and use. Additionally, its functionalities can be customised to meet the user’s requirements or needs. Features available for loan management are;

  • Loan Origination

Clients can check loan products and requirements online, through a selfcare app or any other convenient manner.

Consumer loans – Loan application, risk calculation and approval

  • Loan Cycle management

Loans are processed quickly and efficiently – this whole process is automated and takes at most 25 minutes.

Flexible processing of loan repayment schedules

Loan rollover among other processes can also be factored 

Read more on https://www.fernbach.com/

HES Loan Software

HES Loan Management Software provides solutions that make lending as seamless as possible by  automating the entire loan cycle. Since lenders are different, customizing the software to the lenders preference is also possible. Some of the software features are;

  • Application management
  • Loan approval and disbursement
  • Debt collection
  • Document Management
  • Reports and analysis

Read more on HES Loan Software: Financial Software Systems

P2P Force

The solution is also known as P2P Lending software. It is a loan  management software created by FinTech labs. It is suitable for peer to peer lending across the South East Asia region. This helps lenders manage their loans, despite their status..

Some of the software features are;

  • Client registration
  • Loan products creation and management
  • Loan applications
  • Tracking repayments and schedules
  • Determine credit worthiness through external credit bureaus

Read more on: http://fintechlabs.in/p2p-lending-software/

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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