Loan software for Linux users

Its hard to find a desktop application for Linux operating system, it is even more difficult to find a financial desktop app for Linux users.

Linux users are used to Web applications that can only be accessed via a web browser.

Web applications present an inferior customer experience compared to a native desktop application.

In this article: we discuss a desktop loan software for Linux users.

The Loan Management Software is called Loanbook.

Loanbook is a simple loan management software that support loan origination, loan appraisal, loan disbursement and loan payment or servicing management.

Who does it Target?

Loanbook target simple lenders, lenders managing a loan portfolio of less than $300,000


  • Multi currency
  • Multi platform – Windows, Linux, Web. 
  • Excellent Support
  • Simple to use


  • Available in English only
  • Lack Advanced features

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