Loan Software Systems in Benin

Loan Performer

loan performer

Uganda based Loan Management Software that serves more than 400 credit unions, Microfinance System and other Lenders.

Loan Performer is a windows based client-server software application that has been serving microfinance and lending institutions for the last two decades.

Loan Performer is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Loan Performer is popular in West Africa serving many community based finance organizations.

Loan Performer is also popular in Benin because it’s an offline system that may not require internet to serve an organization unlike many of its competitors such as Jisort, Musoni, Mambu, Loanbook, and Loandisk among others.

Loan performer is provided by a software company- crystal software in Uganda but they have a community of trainers and support technicians all around Africa and beyond.



Cloud based core banking platform provided by Ryanada Limited. Jisort provides a perfect cloud core banking platform for cloud banking. Highly dynamic platform that is highly integrated with Mobile money, credit reference services, hardware and channels such as ATM Bridge, POS, Card processors among others.

Jisort provides an open API that allow clients and developers to advance functionalities of the platform by building apps, sharing data with other platforms among others thing.

Jisort is one of the leading core banking, microfinance software and loan management software option for any lender in Benin.

Available in English and easily translatable to French and other languages. Most popular Jisort features among lending companies include:

  • Client Management – full fledge CRM for handling clients and marketing
  • Loans – advance loan management system, straight-line, reducing balance, custom etc.
  • Savings and Deposits – Term Deposits, interest incurring savings, shares
  • Finance – Finance Accounting and Reporting
  • Payments – payment channel aggregation
  • Reports and Analytics – In-depth data visualization aids
  • API – extends the platform functionality



Musoni is Dutch based Microfinance Software used by a few banks, microfinance and credit unions in West Africa including Benin. Musoni was launched as an in-house project after the founders were unable to find a suitable software for their Microfinance Business – Musoni Microfinance.

Musoni is a cloud software that cost approximately 9,000 euros per year. It is ideal for urban multibranch credit union or microfinance institution.

Supports some of the following features:

  • Client Registration
  • Loan Application
  • Loan Servicing
  • Collection Management
  • Accounting
  • Savings and Deposits
  • Reports



Germany Based cloud banking system serving a few banks and microfinance banks in Benin.

Banking Engine

Central module for creation and set up of financial products such loan product creation. Allow dynamic product modelling in what Mambu call Compose Banking. Allow creation of product that fits the precise requirements of an organization.

Process orchestrator

Process Orchestrator is the home of workflow design, all the organization procedures, processes and controls are modelled here at Process orchestrator.


Allow handling of payments from multiple channels and gateways as may be required by the financial institution.

Reports and Analytics

Mambu provides rich reports that aid decision making by the management of the particular Microfinance Institution.

Rich reports, graphs and analytics provide deep understanding of performance and trends with an organization.

LoanBook (free)


LoanBook is popular loan management software in Benin. LoanBook has several download and installation from Benin on Windows store and Linux store.

Simplest Loan Management Software System designed to serve the needs of small and medium lenders. LoanBook is available in English but the French version will be released in the next version by the Developer.

LoanBook has some of the following functionalities:

Client Management

Allow capture of client’s bio data, credit referencing information such as income levels, level of education, occupancy and other details.

Loan Appraisal

Refers to evaluation of a lead for loan offer. Include Loan application, loan approval and loan processing. Amount awarded is based on appraisal criteria designed by the lender.

Loan Disbursement

Refer to sending of the funds to the borrower’s account or payment channel of choice

Collection Management

Designed to help lenders receive loan payments from the borrowers. Includes alerts and reminders on due repayments as well as convenient payment channels.

Reports and Analytics

Loanbook has more than 100 reports and Analysis designed to aide management decision making.


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