Maker checker principle for loan approval

Maker checker principle for loan approval

Maker Checker principle refer to hierarchy approval system where every transaction has to have at least two parties or at least 4 eyes.

One party initiate the transaction

Second party approves the transactions.

The Maker – Checker Principle can have more than two parties depending on the requirements of the particular transaction.

Maker-Checker Principle allow committee approval where a transaction can follow a workflow structure and be approved by multiple people

Maker – Checker Principle enhance internal transactional security.

On Jisort the following process can be subjected to Maker-Checker principle

  1. Loan Approval
  2. Loan Processing
  3. Loan Disbursement

Any transaction that is considered critical can be subjected to Maker-Checker Principle to ensure it goes through a certain workflow.

How do I enable Maker-Checker Principle on Jisort.

Go to Admin

Click on Settings

Enable Maker Checker



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