Mambu alternatives

Mambu is a German based cloud core banking system. Mambu has gain reputation after pulling marque project with digital banks in Europe, Asia and Africa. Arguably Mambu is one of the market leader in cloud core banking platform providers.

Mambu was developed from a fork of Mifos – the open source microfinance system.

Some great alternatives to Mambu include:


Kenya based cloud core banking platform targeting digital banks and innovative Microfinance Institutions. Serving over 200 small and medium MFIs. Some of the MFIs served include:


Cooperative Societies

Credit Union

Microfinance Institutions

Community Based Financial organizations

It’s one of the most affordable Cloud core banking platform in the World. Implementation cost vary with choice of implementation partner and scope of the project.

Jisort licensing and integration fees are standardized, however, Jisort works through a network of partners for implementation, training, support functions.

Jisort also allow whitelabelling of their platform and a number of IT service providers in the market are offering whitelabelled Jisort.


Netherlands based cloud core banking platform with great reach in Africa. Musoni targets large Microfinance Institutions.

Musoni highlights to charge 3 Euros per client but a minimum charge of approximately $12000

Musoni also runs a microfinance institution in Kenya, by the name Musoni.

Large Microfinance institution can consider deploying Musoni

Musoni serves around 30 MFIs


Mifos is an open source Microfinance platform that has been actively developed since early 2000s.

Over 1000 developers contribute to Mifos project

Mifos has been forked to develop Musoni and Mambu.

Mifos is a great Microfinance platform when the following conditions are observed.

  • Client to invest in a Cloud environment to host Mifos – consider AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Truehost Cloud.
  • Client employ an experienced developer(s) to attend on customization and integrations.
  • Client to invest in an in-house support and training personnel.
  • Client has time to customize and develop Mifos to suit her business need.




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