Marketplace Terms of Service

Jisort Terms of Service


Client or Customer – refer to the loan borrower

Lender – refer to the lending organization who Jisort considers as a partner in meeting the financial needs of the client

Jisort – refer to company running the marketplace – Ryanada Limited

Jisort Limits – refer to the range of amounts that the loan offered by the partner must be within

Terms and Conditions

  1. Jisort reserves the rights to unpublished Lenders product on the marketplace for any violation of terms of service.
  2. Jisort publishes instant mobile loans to the public based on proprietary credit scoring formula
  3. A disbursed loan cannot be reversed, any dispute arising between Lender and Borrower concerning funds disbursed shall be presented directly to the mobile money company by the client, Jisort will provide all the information gathered concerning the transaction of the Lenders Jisort web portal.
  4. Jisort Marketplace follow 310 model of lending.
    1. Its takes under 3 minutes for a new client to set up an account, register details, have details verified to be a verified customers, apply for a loan product.
    2. It takes under 1 minute to have the application approved and disbursement initiated.
    3. Lending on Jisort utilizes artificial intelligence for credit scoring and decision making and therefore require 0 zero human intervention.
  5. Jisort Marketplace provides the following services to the Lender, allow the Lender to REACH, APPRAISE, APPROVE and DISBURSE mobile loans to verified borrowers through credit scoring. Jisort system allow Lenders to manage their loan portfolio through various CRM tools.
  6. Jisort is not liable whatsoever for bad debts that may result from mobile loans lend through the marketplace.
  7. Jisort is not liable for damages that may result from Lenders lending activities on the marketplace.
  8. By clicking publish to the marketplace and availing funds in the Paybill settlement account lender will have agreed to the terms and condition, user acceptance policy, privacy policy and their derivatives of Jisort.


  1. Lender shall declare and avail amount for lending in Mpesa Paybill settlement account so that product can automatically change availability when there is no funds to lend.
  2. Product listing on Jisort are based on customer ratings, popularity, sorting employed by the customer on the application including loan fees, minimum and maximum loan amounts or any other criteria Jisort may deem helpful to the borrower.
  3. Jisort marketplace is available to lenders and borrowers on as available basis and therefore Jisort is not liable for any damage or loss that may result due to unavailability of service due scheduled, emergence maintenance or any other occurrence.
  4. Jisort may change Terms of Service, User acceptance policy, privacy policy and their derivatives may change any time without notice to borrowers or Lenders.



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