Micro loans software

Micro loans refers to loans disbursed in small amounts. Micro loans could be as much as $200 and as low as $1.

Mobile loans are popular among low income areas and among Micro and Small Enterprises. Microloans require innovative application procedure, innovative loan appraisal, Innovative loan approval, Innovative and inclusive loan disbursement, innovative timeline (lead time between application and disbursement) and Innovative Repayment/collection.


How does Jisort address all these innovations required for mobile apps?

Innovative Application Procedure

How can a borrower apply a loan conveniently and instantly at a minimum or zero cost to the lender..?

Microloans on Jisort can be applied using most innovative technologies. Some of the supported loan application procedures available for self service by borrowers include:

Loan application on Mobile App

Loan Application through USSD

Loan Application via SMS

Loan Application via Website and Web forms

Innovative loan appraisal

How to evaluate the application instantly with give instant or real time feedback and at minimum cost to the lender.

Jisort utilizes credit scoring technology called Jscore to evaluate a borrower based on credit history, income levels, social activities, credit reference bureau reports and gives instant feedback to the borrower while saving the lender unnecessary costs.


Innovative loan approval

Requires convenient, instant loan approval and at zero cost operation cost to the lender.

Jisort support Zero human intervention on loan approval, all loans appraised by Jscore are automatically approved by Jisort.


Innovative and inclusive loan disbursement

Requires both the lender and borrower to incur minimum cost of disbursement or receiving the funds. Funds disbursement need to be instant as well.

Inclusivity require disbursement of funds to a platform accessible to the borrower.

Jisort has tackled this requirement by integrating to multiple payments gateway to allow instant disbursement to borrower’s wallet within the payment gateways/ mobile money for the utilization of funds.

Innovative timeline

Jisort timeline is 5 minutes for new clients and 1 minute for a repeat client

Innovative Repayment/collection

Jisort integration allow instant loan repayment through mobile money and other payment gateways available for both borrower and lender.

Jisort has ensured that the cost of lending is always below $1 for a micro loan.



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