Why Offer Instant Salary Advance via Jisort

Why offer instant salary advance..?

Times have changed, technology has revolutionized payments and bills.

Monthly bills are not as popular as in the old days, people are now paying bills at their convenience and therefore demand for funds is now evenly distributed through the month.

There are more daily bills that in the old times.

Availing Salary advance on mobile to your staff is a powerful thing that empowers the staff. How mobile staff advance from Jisort empower employees

  1. Convenient access to financial solutions – access funds whenever you need them
  2. Its preserves dignity, employees can avoid tale telling to the managers in quest for advance approval.
  3. Safety from shylocks – with need for funds during the month, staff may consider using shylock services which are expensive and unreliable. Availability of staff salary advance saves employees from the shylocks.



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