Partners: Jisort Certified Developers

Jisort Certified Developers

Jisort has an Open API that has been publicly published for any interested parties. All features on Jisort are available through Jisort API.

  • Jisort API is simple Restful API that has attracted several third party developers who have come up with:
  • Mobile Applications based on the API
  • Alternative User Interface
  • Reports and Charts
  • New system features
  • Communication Channels
  • Payment Integrations

Jisort runs a simple developers course.

Developer’s course objectives include:

  • Equip the developers with basic understanding of the system
  • Introduction to accounting and financial reports
  • Introduce Jisort API to developers in the simplest manner
  • Showcase a few successful extension of the API – to inspire innovation

Successful completion of Jisort Developers Course leads to Jisort Developer Certification


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