Partners: Jisort Certified Implementers

Jisort Certified Implementers

Opportunity for people with knowledge how Microfinance or Sacco runs. System implementers are effectively project managers. They work closely with developers and trainers to deliver a complete package for the client.

Some of most important skills for a Jisort implementers include:

Accounting Knowledge – comes handy during system setup

Project Management skills – depending on the size of the project, project management skills may be necessary especially for large complicated project.

Data Capture/Import/Excel – during data migration, a few tricks on handling excel data, importing data through CSV may save a lot of time for the system implementers.

Jisort is recruiting implementers for

  1. Microfinance institution implementation projects
  2. Sacco implementation projects
  3. Chama Implementation projects
  4. Lending Organization implantation projects


Jisort Implementation training course and certification is free online, on Jisort eLearning Portal.

The course basically consist of

  1. Introduction to accounting and financial reporting
  2. Excel/spreadsheet Data modelling techniques
  3. Data Validation and verification
  4. Jisort Training Course




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