Sacco Software System

Sacco Software System


SACCO is an acronym for SAVINGS and CREDIT COOPERATIVE. Just from the acronym we can see Sacco is a type of a cooperative with core function of pooling funds from members and then allowing members to borrow from the central pool at a small interest fee.

SACCO Software System is an application engineered to manage the operations of SACCOs.

Minimum Functionalities of a Sacco Software System.

A full SACCO software system should have the following functionalities:

Member Registration Module.

Allow capture of member KYC or bio data. The scope of the KYC depends on the specific organization. Some of the data captured through Jisort SACCO software system include:

  1. Title
  2. 3 Names
  3. Date of Birth
  4. ID/Passport number
  5. Phone Number
  6. Home and Office Address
  7. Home Location on Google Map
  8. Email
  9. Next of Kin/Beneficiaries
  10. Bank Account Details­­
  11. Level of Education
  12. Income Levels

MPA/ Member Personal Account / Contribution

A very critical Module that allow creation of savings and shares products and receiving remittance to these accounts. This module on Jisort Sacco Software System generate balances for accounts, statements for accounts, fully integrated with Equity Bank and MPESA for automated payments.


  1. Payee
  2. Amount
  3. Currency
  4. Payment mode
  5. Account affected
  6. Bank account affected

Loan Management Module

Loan Management Module is very important for any SACCO Software System. Jisort SACCO System has the best SACCO software Module. Allow loan product set up and configuration, loan application process, loan appraisal process, loan approval process, loan disbursement and loan repayment process

Some of features on Jisort SACCO Software include

  1. Loan product set up
  2. Loan application
  3. Loan appraisal
  4. Loan guarantorship
  5. Loan collateral security features
  6. Loan Approval
  7. Loan Disbursement
  8. Loan Repayment
  9. Loan Calculator
  10. Loan amortization and rescheduling
  11. Loan freeze, write-off,



This module allow capture of expenses and payments made by the SACCO. The module as well allow capture of incomes generated by the SACCO. Kindly note on Jisort SACCO Software System some incomes like interests, loan fees, penalties are captured automatically by the system during loan application and disbursement process.

Features supported on Jisort SACCO system



Account affected

Type of Transaction

Invoice Number

Member account affected

Bank affected



This a very important module in any SACCO Software System, it performs all Sacco book keeping and generate financial book of accounts. Every accounting report required is available on Jisort including all SASRA Reports.


Member Mobile App

At this age every SACCO software system need a mobile app to allow members access their accounts and perform transactions.

Checkout Jisort mobile Apps for various use at the SACCO

Check out full features


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