Top 5 lending software in South Africa

Consumer lending in South Africa continued to record a strong performance, with gross lending recording higher current value growth compared to outstanding balance in 2019, as an increasing number of local consumers relied on credit for their daily expenses. This was driven by the performance by consumer credit, particularly the largest category of card lending, and to a lesser extent other personal lending, although the latter witnessed a strong increase in demand for overdrafts and micropayments in 2019 as consumers looked to reach the end of the month by supplementing their incomes through these facilities. To push performance to a higher level, lenders in South Africa are leveraging digital lending solutions. Among the solutions are:

  1. Loanbook

Loanbook is a simple lending application available for various platforms like web, Windows and Linux. The goal of the application is to simplify software acquisition implementation process for simple lenders like payday lenders from months to minutes. Loanbook is powered by Jisort platform which is a fully fledged banking system for SACCOs and MFIs. Loanbook setup is as simple as:

  • Setting your default country,
  • Setting your currency, and
  • Setting your default bank.

The application is free to use for one user and only an additional user is billed.

2. Delter IT

Delter is a division of the Altron Group, founded in 2002, and is a micro finance software development company providing client management systems to micro lenders. Through our extensive knowledge of the micro lending industry we’ve developed various software packages that make the management and growth of your micro lending business easy to handle.

3. creditec

Creditec is a fintech company providing innovative cloud and mobile lending solutions to retail and developmental finance providers. They have been in business for 20 years and have built a solid reputation for their solution innovation and project delivery capabilities. Their solutions cover group lending (Grameen), SME lending, housing finance, education loans and personal lending. They are in the process of expanding our retail and microfinance product distribution and implementation capability to Europe, the USA and Australia and we will soon also be able to support our international customers from these locations.


ACPAS is part of Rent Pay, based in Centurion, South Africa. Over the years they have developed an all-inclusive, fully automated loan management system and payment processing solution. Their solutions enable payroll administrators and credit providers to view, manage, and control their business from anywhere and at any time. Each of their clients has gained agility and speed while their software facilitated the entire loan cycle, giving them the freedom to control their risk within business-driven, adjustable parameters.

5. a4dable

a4dable deals with all the regulatory requirements, affordability calculations, contracts, interest rates, fees and protocols, in a cost effective and efficient manner. It enables you to manage your clients, their respective loans and down payments and keeps your records of expenses including bad debts, staff salaries, service provider fees and many more. It provides every report you could ever need to be make informed decisions and run a profitable business.


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