Top 5 loan management softwares in Bangladesh.

Websoftex SHG

Websoftex SHG Microfinance Software is a powerful Online web based and windows based GUI based application integrated with core banking system designed to take care of all aspects of your societies business with utmost care.

The developer offers technical support through telephone,whatsapp and email support.

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Loan Book

Loan book is a free simple loan management system.

With Loan Book, you are able to ;

  • Register Clients
  • Issue a loan
  • Approve a Loan
  • Disburse a Loan
  • Receive Loan Payment
  • Issue Loan Statements
  • Generate Loan Reports. 

Loan book also helps you communicate with your clients by sending them an sms or dropping them a mail

Works perfectly on Windows, Linux, Web Browser and Mobile.

Download for Linux –

Download for windows –

Web version –

Loan Disk

Loandisk is a software that allows lenders to manage their borrowers, loans, repayments and collections with ease. It started out as an in-house solution for a company whose employee loans grew by the day and needed proper documentation and management. It was formally launched  worldwide in 2015. With time, it has grown to be used by more firms and companies due to its easy to use unique features.

Allows you to;

  • Add clients
  • Set up loan amounts and interest rates
  • Generate payment schedules
  • Generate reports for active and/completed loans.
  • Generate clients’ reports

TurnKey Lender

Fully managed in the cloud and advanced automation software, AI-driven alternative credit scoring, focusing on user experience

At TurnKey Lender they help companies disburse loans faster and safer with their advanced AI-driven platform and all without the middleman in the form of a bank or a credit union. Yet even more importantly, the lending process with TurnKey Lender is not just quick (a typical borrower evaluation and risk assessment take as little as 30 seconds), but also superiorly secure with traditional and alternative borrower evaluation approaches enhanced with proprietary machine learning algorithms.

Flex finance

FlexFinance manages the information required for loan applications. In this case, in-house systems can be provided and interfaces connected to third-party systems. The individual components of the loan application system can be customised accordingly to meet requirements.

Erick Kamau
Erick Kamau

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