Top 5 Loan Management Softwares in Saudi Arabia

1. HES Loan Management Software.

Lending management system that provides a full circle of loan lifecycle automation and is fully configurable and robust. . HES FinTech meets the critical demands of global finance and banking institutions. Whether you need to go digital, add process automation, or facilitate the transformation of current operations, the micro-lending solutions meet your business needs in an ever-changing lending market.

Core Modules;

• Client on-boarding
• Data collection & application management
• KYC, underwriting, credit scoring
• Product engine/calculations
• Loan disbursement, management &
• Debt collection
• Document management
• Notifications
• Statistics & reporting

2.Loan Book

Loan Book is one of the simplest lending applications designed to meet the needs of small and medium  lenders such as micro finance institutions and peer to peer. The application is free for download for Windows, Linux and Web, hence no set up fee is required.

Features include;

  • Client registration
  • Loan application
  • Calculating loan interests and penalties
  • Loan disbursement
  • Loan repayment schedule
  • Printing out reports
  • Debt collection


Chetu creates custom loan servicing systems, and Loan Management Systems (LMS) for banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. These systems contain robust features for loan origination, underwriting, amortization, processing, and disbursement. They also track various loan types including personal, business, student, mortgage, car, installment, payday, and cash advance

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Helps in management of branches, clients, loans, savings and all the accounts related operations can be performed hassle-free. it makes your operations completely automated.It is basically an ERP Software in Saudi Arabia that could help manage all the organizational operations while enhancing the overall productivity.

  • Member and Group Management
  • Customers Management
  • Customer Query
  • Advances Management
  • Deposits Management
  • Agency
  • Loans Management and complete processing
  • Group Meetings
  • Shares and Dividends
  • Transactions Manager


LoanPro Software provides consistent, online access and multiple access tools to help companies from the smallest buy-here-pay-here to the largest mortgage lender.
Features :

  • User Accounts
  • Payment gateway
  • Live Armotization
  • Reports

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Erick Kamau
Erick Kamau

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