The Top 5 Sacco Software For Start-Ups In Kenya

More groups of people are coming together to form cooperative societies and SACCOs. The main aim being financial inclusivity for all, especially the low and middle-income earners. The use of traditional management systems such as excel sheets may work to the disadvantage of these institutions. It is important for them to find the best SACCO software for their budding institutions. These will go a long way to ensure efficiency, high productivity, and growth.

Discussed herein are some of the top SACCO software for start-up/ small & medium SACCOs in Kenya.


This is software designed for small to medium financial institutions. The setup process is pretty easy and requires little to no training. The start-up Sacco can manage its member registration, member’s savings accounts as well as loan accounts. Accounting reports such as balance sheets, trial balances, account statements among others. The entire loan process is digitized hence more accuracy and accountability. Other features available include transactional notifications through SMS and a provision for mobile lending.


The SACCO ERP enables Saccos to manage its operations such as loan application and disbursement. Others are financial accounting & reporting as well as management of savings and deposit accounts among other operations.

MoveTech Group

Their SACCO software provides SACCOs a platform that automates their operations. The software provides both FOSA and BOSA operations. Some of the features are SASRA reports, transactional notifications through SMS, Audit trails, accounting reports among others.


This is a cloud-based lending software designed for the microfinance industry. It has comprehensive member registration and product setup modules. The loan disk allows the user to view and print our statements as well as schedules. Availability of charts and reports allows you to see the progress of your institution thus aiding in decision making.

Craft Silicon

Just like the Jisort system and others, the software is web-based. It runs on a windows based environment which is used by many SACCOs. It allows users in multiple branches and marker checkers too. Features include; user management, teller facilities, account management, and the general ledger.

The primary goal of SACCO software is to ease the operations of SACCO. With this, the management is able to focus on other equally important things such as marketing and expansion. The above software do just that. Get one that works best for you.

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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