Top Loan Management Software in Czechia (Czech Republic)



Berlin based Mambu is a cloud based banking platform popular in Europe for its ease of adoption and fast launch time.

Startup and innovative banks such as N26, Oak North, and New10 have chosen to launch digital banking with Mambu.

Mambu is a popular core banking and cloud banking software in Czech Republic supporting top Czechia lenders in provision of lending and banking services.

Top Modules include:

Banking Engine

Mambu Banking Engine allow fast creation of financial products

Process Orchestrator

Mambu Process Orchestrator allow innovative development of workflow within the organization, process orchestrator allow an organization to integrate Mambu to its core and non-core functionalities.



Frankfurt based Software Company providing full credit lifecycle. Fernbach is a popular loan management software in Czech Republic with top Czechia lender utilizing the software. Some of the top features include:

  • Loan Origination
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Account Processing
  • Financial Accounting
  • Bank Management
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Business Optimization AI

Some of the top clients include: Deutsche Bank, Addiko Bank, BRD, VallBanc, CBI, Fintech Group, e.t.c

Banking Software Company s.r.o

Banking Software Company s.r.o

Top Czech Republic Company providing digital banking services for that 3 decades. Has presence in Slovakia and Russia.

Gemini Digital Banking OS

BSC’s Gemini Digital Banking OS is an open source banking operating system that forms the core of multiple financial institutions in Czech Republic and Europe at large.

It provides a backbone for micro services and digital banking products such as mobile lending, mobile banking, micro insurance, retail and corporate banking services among others.

Integrated Payments System

A regulatory complaint product that allow banking and lenders to aggregate multiple payment channel and automate critical business processes such as Loan Payments Collections.

Most Czechia financial institutions use the BSC products as modules or a whole suite of modules.

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Indian based Banking Software platform supporting commercial, retail and Microfinance Lending. NewGen is popular among large lender in Czech Republic and remain a top choice option for Czechia banks and Microfinance institutions.

Czechia lending sector is highly regulated and therefore the need for a Regulatory compliant software like NewGen.

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Analytics
  • Digital Sensing
  • RPA – Redefining Finance and Accounting Processes

Top clients include America’s National Bank of Texas, BNB, New York Community Bank, United Bank, Clarien, Georgia’s Own Credit Union

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Loanbook has multiple downloads and installation from Czech Republic. Most Czechia small lenders prefer Loanbook despite it being in English. Loanbook is so easy to use that language is not a significant adoption barrier.

Loanbook is available for free trial and therefore low risk of adoption. Loanbook has a dynamic web application accessible on most browsers on Pc, tablets and Mobile.

Loanbook can also be downloaded as desktop application on Windows 10 and Linux based operating system.

Top features on Loanbook include:

  • Client Management
  • Loan Origination
  • Loan Servicing and Management
  • Payment collection
  • Reports and Analytics


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