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Websoftex Self Help Group Software

 Websoftex Self Help Group Software

Websoftex Self Help Group Software by Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The software is popular with mature Microfinance institutions supporting all the departments within a microfinance institutions.

  • Savings and Time deposits
  • Client registration
  • Group Registration
  • Next of kin and beneficiaries
  • Accounting and book keeping
  • Day Summary
  • Loan Applications
  • Group Loans
  • Loan Approval
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Servicing and Payments
  • Multi users
  • Multi branches

Biz Loan Management by Perfect Software Solutions (Pvt)

Biz Loan Management by  Perfect Software Solutions (Pvt)

Biz is a simple window based Loan Management Software supporting accurate loan application process, servicing and collection management.

Biz Loan Management Software is used by lenders in Sri Lanka to manage their portfolio.

The software is actively supported by Perfect Software Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.

Biz Loan Management software is ideal for small lending organization such as Microfinance startup companies and Mortgage companies.

SysArc Infomatix – LendPerfect

SysArc Infomatix - LendPerfect

It’s also known as Lend Suite.  SysArc Infomatix supports more than 50 lending organizations in Sri Lanka. Some of the core features include:

Loan Origination

Supports a data driven pipeline from a lead to loan sanctioning. It is designed to help lending organizations to automate the loan origination process. It supports process such as loan processing, loan approval and loan disbursements.

Loan Management

Loan management refer to operations that take place after loan disbursement. There are several process that include:

  • Loan Payments
  • Loan Rescheduling,
  • Loan Write-off
  • Payment and Interest Waiver
  • Loan Charges
  • Account Closure
  • Loan rollover among others.

Locker Management

A module designed to manage efficient operation of the locker facility with a lender institution

Credit Card Processing System

Lend suite supports automated payment collection via credit card check out and subscription.

Online & Mobility Solutions for Banks

Lend suite is mobile ready and supports mobile access in all levels to both clients and agents.

Monitoring & NPA Management

Lend suite allow active monitors, alerts accounts of potential risks through EWS (Early Warning Signals) and plots course of action for the recovery of NPA classified accounts.

Merchant Cash Funding

Supports a complete merchant funding solutions as per the needs of a lender.


A comprehensive API supporting more than 50 integrations including credit referencing, payments, cross platform data sharing among others.

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Loaner by Zoho

Zoho Loaner

Loaner is a popular application in Sri Lanka.Loaner refer to set of tools designed for lenders by Indian Software Giant Zoho.

Loaner easily integrates with seamlessly integrated with other Zoho products, like Books, CRM, and SalesIQ and other apps that an organization may need.

  • Supports SMS alerts and notifications
  • Loan Approval and Rejection with a click
  • Borrower access and requests
  • Loaner is mobile enabled, members can borrow from their phones



LoanBook is another popular lending application in Sri Lanka.A free lending application available on the Microsoft Windows Store and Linux Snap craft store.

LoanBook can also be accessed on web via loanbook.ioLoanBook is one of the simplest lending application that does not require training to use.LoanBook supports the full Loan Management Cycle, allowing

  • Simple Client Registration
  • Loan Issue
  • Loan Approval
  • Loan Rejections
  • Loan Disbursements
  • Loan Servicing and Payments
  • Loan Reports and statements.

Download LoanBook for Free and start to use or just sign up online and use at no cost.

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