Top Microfinance Software in Tunisia



Temenos is one of the World leading Banking software. Temenos is offered by Temenos AG, a Swiss Software company founded in 1993.Temenos has been providing a Microfinance software called T24 which has since been renamed to Temenos Transact.

Temenos support big lenders in Tunisia. Recently Temenos partner with Arab Tunisian Bank (- a large bank in Tunisia) to build an in-house digital lending core.

Features Supported by Temenos

Core Banking

Temenos has history of delivering a powerful core banking platform for both Banking and Micro Banking Industry. Temenos supports World largest Banks and Microfinance Institutions including HSBC, ABN.AMRO, Truevo, Metro bank, Investec, Ebury among others.

Alternative Banking Channels

Temenos Omni channel helps a lender or a bank to avail multiple channels to the customers. Supports POS, ATM, Online Banking, Mobile Apps, and SMS Banking among other alternative banking channels.

AI and Analytics

Besides Reports charts and graphs, Temenos goes further in data processing to use Artificial Intelligence to generate trends and visualization that inform fast decision making for the managers with a bank or a lending body.

Temenos offers rich analytic tools and reports and allow custom development of reports. Lean more about Robo Advisor.


Temenos Payment is a central hub for all payments, all payments are received on this hub and the module supports multiple channel as may be supported by the bank or the lending institution.

Digital Front Office

Temenos Infinity is a suite of tools that help a financial company such as a bank or lending organization to acquire clients, maintain clients and service clients. Tools incorporated include marketing tools to reach and converts leads, ready for the origination process


Loanbook is a popular application for small lenders in Tunisia. Loanbook has allowed lenders to launch into the market in the fastest time. With a small learning curve Lenders and Microfinance have created facilities and started to serve customers in a day in Tunisia.

Though Loanbook is available English, lenders is Tunisia a French and Arabic country have still been able to use.

Some of the Loanbook features include:

  • Client Registration and Servicing
  • Facility Issue, Credit offer
  • Credit Approval
  • Credit Disbursement
  • Credit Servicing and Management.
  • Reports and Analytics.



A top microfinance and cloud banking platform running in multiple organizations. Jisort is one of the best microfinance software option for banks and microfinance institution in Tunisia. Supports some of the following features:

  • Client management
  • Payments
  • Finance and Book Keeping
  • Loan Management (Support Sharia Banking)
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Online Banking and Digital Lending



Germany based Cloud banking platform serving several European startup banks and microfinance institution. Mambu has made in road in Tunisia supporting a few banks and microfinance institutions. Though it’s a costly solution, Mambu can challenge Temenos and Sopra Banking Software in most quarters.

Features supported by Mambu includes:

Banking Engine

Mambu Banking Engine allow fast creation of financial products

Process Orchestrator

Mambu Process Orchestrator allow innovative development of workflow within the organization, process orchestrator allow an organization to integrate Mambu to its core and non-core functionalities.

Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking

Sopra Banking Software is a French banking software supporting high end banking clients in Tunisia and a lot of French speaking countries. Sopra Banking supports most of the banking requirements including:

  • Core Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Wealth management and private Banking.
  • Digital Banking
  • Payments


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