Which works for you? Loanbook or CloudBankIN

The banking sector has evolved over the years in terms of operations and the clients’ needs. This has created room for innovation and invention of tools that allow the financial institutions meet the needs of their clientele. Among the innovations are the CloudBankIN and Loanbook software, used by well established institutions and beginners alike.

CloudBankIN is a banking software that has a wide range of functionality such as Shares, Savings and Deposits, Loan Management, Collection Management and a lot more. It’s designed to support various financial institutions such as MicroFinance Institutions, Cooperative Societies (SACCOs), private/simple lenders among others.

On the other hand loanbook is a simple software designed to take care of the needs of simple lenders such as Table Banking or Person to Person Lending.

The functionalities of loanbook are a bit limited to Client & Loan Management and Collection. It is more like a digital loan management tool. Due to its functionalities, it has proven easy to use by anyone, as long as they have access to it. The loanbook is available as an app. This makes it more accessible to its users on different devices. 

Most banking software requires set up and intense training as well as support for the users. This is the case for CloudBankIN. One would need to contact the provider for this this to be done for them. However, Loanbook is different. Once you download the loanbook app and install it in your device, you are good to go. The functionalities are pretty simple: you can go about your business with your eyes closed.

In conclusion, loanbook and ClouBankIN are software designed to make your operations run smoothly. If you are starting up in the lending business, get what is simple to use.

Ann Kathendu
Ann Kathendu

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