Working from home.

Have you ever heard someone say they work from home and wondered how? You are not alone,Plenty of people fantasize about working from the comfort of their own home. Well, if you search on your browser right now how to work from home, you’ll realize there are various ways that is possible.

Imagine being in a position to work without having to listen to your chatty co-workers. You might find it easier to be productive to work at home without people constantly buzzing in your ear.

Should we take advantage of the current opportunity to try out to new ways that could pay off in the future? This means you will b prepared for the next crisis and you also have a chance to cut costs on office space, your team will gain more flexibility at work.

Is working from home for everyone?
Some professions might have not explored this options but with the technological advancements this might be made possible. According to Medical Economics “Many administrative tasks, such as appointment scheduling, bookkeeping and insurance filing, can be successfully handled remotely—but until now, doctors’ offices have had little incentive to give remote work a try.”

Fields like accounting, media, advertisement, content development and the likes should be in a position to deliver their services comfortably from home.

Lending companies should also seize the opportunity to use various payment gateways or mobile banking to make more profit and provide better services.

How will this affect the customer?
Accounting softwares like Jisort ( allow your customers to view their statements via mobile either through an App or the web version. This translates to customers being able to transact remotely especially now that many fin-tech companies have made it possible to integrate with various payment gateways.

This gives your customers a better experience, it’s faster, convenient and cost friendly.

Let’s review one sacco/microfinance system;

Jisort ( )

  • It’s online which makes it accessible from anywhere.
  • Has more than 100 financial reports.
  • Can be integrated with bulk sms, USSD, Mpesa and CRB.
  • Cost friendly
  • Full core banking software

LoanBook ( )

A simple loan management software.

Erick Kamau
Erick Kamau

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