Boost your website traffic using SMS Marketing

People reach out to their phones a number of times a day, opening an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss for your business. More over, studies have shown that SMS have a 90% open rate compared to 20% on emails. Most recipients perceive SMS as a more personal way of communication. One of the powerful marketing platforms available for brands worldwide is SMS messages. Here are some of the benefits of bulk SMS for your business.

SMS communication is an easy, fast way of reaching potential and existing clients, and driving traffic to your website. This article discusses 5 simple ways with which you can drive traffic to your website using SMS marketing.

Identify Yourself

People are more likely to pay attention to an SMS from an identified source. If you do not have a unique sender ID, ensure to identify yourself in the body of the SMS. This assures the reader that they are not dealing with a faceless entity.

Embedded links

The SMS space is limited to 160 characters. This does not leave much room for a sales pitch. However, you can craft your message  and include a link to your website. Further,make the text compelling that they will want to click the link. This ultimately drives traffic to your website.

Audience Segmentation

Market segmentation is very important in marketing as a whole. This helps you identify your audience, understand them and other factors. As a result, you are able to create an ideal message for them. This makes the message more relevant to them and increases their chances of clicking the link or finding more about you and getting to your website.

Offer incentives

It can be a tasky affair to propose an offer through SMS. There is not much room for that for most brands. However, you can provide an incentive that promises a reward in exchange to clicking a link.

Clear Call To Action (CTA)

Lastly, have a strong CTA that will ignite a desire or curiosity to know more about you. An SMS without a CTA can work against your marketing goal. Give the recipient clear instructions on what to do next.

In conclusion, brand text messages have an open rate within the first hour. This proves that SMS is a powerful marketing strategy that no brand can afford to ignore. However, it works best when used as part of a wider marketing strategy with other traffic sources.
Also, get yourself a reliable SMS provider.

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