[Revealed] The Best Lending Software in the Philippines

Are you looking for a lending software in the Philippines?

Lending has become a common norm since money has never been enough. Besides, you never know when an emergency can hit. 

The Philippines a country in Asia is known for its beautiful beaches, and Islands. The capital is Manilla.

It is a tourist attraction site and a good place to start a money lending business.

Lending money in a foreign country can be risky, before having a lending platform you need to consider the following:

  • Conduct research- know all you need before diving into the business.
  • Have a budget- to make sure you don’t spend more on one item and neglect others.
  • Risk Assessment platform- to help you identify who is eligible and who is risky to credit money.
  • Understand laws- don’t just begin and start lending for the sake of lending without knowing rates.
  • Have terms and conditions- to guide clients on how your company works.
  • Establish an online presence- where you can always post updates, give information on rates, and other related information.
  • Have a loan recovery routine- to help you get paid in case one fails to meet their agreed fees.
  • Have a business plan- this will give the outline of how you will implement your business and keep it running.

Why use a Lending Sofware?

Lending is a considerable business, it also has a vast number of clients, and records need to be always updated every time transaction is done.

Besides, lending software also will help you keep in touch with your clients and comes with the following benefits:

  • Help you see your business performance- get reports and related information about your business easily.
  • Saves time- it is easy to manage all your clients, data and also check on generated reports easily.
  • Optimizes revenue- it tells you whether you making money or incurring losses.
  • Reduce Calculation errors- humans are susceptible to errors which the software will keenly look at.
  • Quicker Decisioning- the software goes through your details and easily generates a report on your credit score whether you are eligible or not.

So what is this software?

Here is Jisort:

What is Jisort?

Jisort is web-based credit management software for Banks, Microfinance, Lending unions, and many other financial institutions.

lending software in the Philippines

It helps institutions keep records and also generates reports on how the credit system is working.

How does Jisort work?

Looking for the best lending software in the Philippines?

Being up and running for 6 years, it has specialized in the development of core banking systems and applications.

Well, Jisort is a record keeper, report generator, and also a bulky text provider.

It is also able to track the loans and keeps reminding borrowers when loans are due.

jisort lending software in the Philippines

This simple demo dashboard simply shows how the system is about, how you can manage loans, how many members you have, the completed loans, active and pending loans.

Jisort Core Banking System has successfully integrated with:

  •  Banks
  •  Mpesa
  •  PesaLink
  •  Credit Reference Bureaus (CRBs)
  •  Vodacom
  •  Tigo
  • Among others

Why use Jisort?

Why should use Jisort lending software in the Philippines?

  1. It is user-friendly- the dashboard is designed to be used by anyone and one doesn’t require special skills to run it.
  2. It is cheap- for as low as $20 you are able to manage all your clients and keep their data safe.
  3. Getting reports- the system helps generate reports on expenditure and income rates.
  4. It has a dedicated WHMCS-SMS-Module- this set-up allows you to set up different alerts that will display for any changes and transactions done by clients.
  5. Convenient payment model- since it has integrated with Banks and others one is not limited to one form of payment.
  6. Simplicity- it is an all in one platform that you get to see clients data, manage and generate reports fast and easy.

Make the choice now and get Jisort now.

Make money by giving money.

Transform that idea into money.

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