Mambu: What You Need To Know Now

We can all admit that interacting with banking is not always an interesting experience. Many factors contribute to this problem and the best solution in the market right now is Mambu.

It is the only true SaaS cloud banking platform in the world and the exact definition of what a revolutionary banking technology can be. They aim to empower their target audience to deliver a great modern banking experience and ensure that this technology is accessible to everyone in the world. 

Mambu Clientelle

Mambu is currently an industry leader operating in six continents to help customers change the way financial institutions operate with a market of over $250B worldwide. To add, they have more than 180 customers that in turn serve more than 33 million end-users. Some of their customers are telcos, fintech start-ups, and top tier banks like OakNorth, N26, Orange, Globe Telecom, and ABN AMRO.

Their target audience includes architects, business analysts, developers, and accountants from their client base. These people work with the software, Mambu, alongside the Mambu team to build outstanding banking services for millions of customers out there, be it Brazil, South Africa, or London. As a result, they help their clients meet market needs and expand the possibilities for their customers from any corner of the world. These can be Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, or even farmers. 

More about cloud banking platforms

At this point, you may be wondering what cloud banking is all about. Cloud banking is equivalent to composable banking. This type of banking gives you all the flexibility you need to compose the type of bank you want from the onset. 

Mambu enables you to create and launch banking and lending services with pure SaaS technologies. Here are some more facts useful about cloud banking:

  • You can add plugin integrations for automated, streamlined, and simple customer journeys 
  • It is easy to use as you only need to configure and integrate. This saves you the time you would have taken in coding and customizing.
  • You will always have the capacity to constantly improve and be agile. Technology is constantly evolving and with Mambu you can be ready for constant change.
  • Cloud technology is more powerful than on-prem deployments. 

This kind of functionality can only result in world-class results that we shall describe in three words: speed, freedom, and agility. Isn’t this the perfect solution to help you evolve your business? Look no further!

Mambu Components

Banking engines

The banking engine is at the heart of the Mambu platform. It is primarily cloud-native and built with the customer’s needs at heart. This means that you can concentrate more on building a strategy that will draw more customers to your business other than managing the engine. All you need to do at the onset is to pick the number of cores you need for your platform and create any combination of services. The key to note is that from the onset your platform will support deposits, transactions, lending, and current accounts.


  • Traceable activity audit logs. This enables you to track all activities in the system including changed fields and all user actions.
  • Fully configurable data. You can track all transaction data from the fully configurable fields.
  • Easy to use notification controls. They allow you to automate email, webhooks, and collection workflows.
  • Defined operational reporting that filters and sorts data across all object types.

Process Orchestrator

This is an API-driven banking tool that is perfectly suited to build a great user experience for your customers. It is intuitive and has a no-code interface where you can design, create and run an API-driven business process.  

The Process Orchestrator is found at the top of your composable design where it coordinates and integrates individual components. These can either be integrations with partner platforms or other specific features you may need. 


As the saying goes, if you want to walk fast then walk alone but if you want to walk far, then walk with others. Mambu has the goal of providing banking services to the world hence the need to walk with partners, both in the immediate region and globally. Highlighted below are some of the expertise that Mambu works with:

  • System integrators
  • Business consultants
  • Technology partners

The best part is that they have a partner program where you can become part of the Mambu global community. One of the obligations in being a partner is that you will work towards creating banking and lending institutions for the future with innovative products and integrations. You can click here to sign up today to this exciting opportunity.


Working with Mambu is always a smooth experience because of their reliable in-house experts. They are a great resource in guiding you step by step through the ecosystem configuration and sharing helpful industry insights that they have gained from many successful project implementations. 

What’s more, is that you will get the much-needed expert support to successfully venture into the unpredictable and dynamic banking market. Your success is their key concern therefore they will guide you right from day one. Here’s a snippet of what you can expect:

  • Consultative implementation – Involves guidance through the Mambu environment configuration
  • Technical integration assistance – The engineers assist you with the architectural concepts to API  usages to testing best practices. You can be assured that your ecosystem will be optimized and impenetrable
  • Enterprise service level agreement – ensures that you get the highest level of service agreement from response time, uptime, and priority ticketing to meet the needs of today’s financial institutions.
  • Continuous innovation – You can expect improvements every quarter as a result of the inputs from various stakeholders. 
  • Support from regional hubs – consultants from the Asia Pacific, EMEA, and the Americas provide full in-house application support in multiple languages. 


Mambu upholds the highest banking security standards and is compliant with most of the industry requirements. They usually perform continuous internal security tests and external penetration tests from security researchers several times per year. These tests cover both network security aspects as well as common web application vulnerabilities. Here are some of the security features you will come across:

  • Concerning data privacy – all customers are GDPR compliant. Mambu provides relevant features that comply with data subject rights to ensure that personal data does not leave the customer’s jurisdiction. 
  • Complete audit rights – Both customers and regulators ate allowed to conduct their effective audit rights to Mambu’s business premises, supply chain, and processes. 
  • Isolation and control – customers can choose a dedicated plan that is exclusive to them hence giving them more control over the environment and the increased isolation recommended by financial regulators. 
  • SLAs and business continuity – Mambu provides SLAs for uptime and resolution times for customer inquiries. Moreso, their disaster recovery procedures and business continuity plans are tested regularly
  • Built-in security – Mambu security is embedded at each stage of the software development lifecycle.
  • Open banking platform – they have a set system that when followed allows financial institutions to give the third-party vendors access to end-customer data. 

Composable banking

This is a new approach to building banking and lending services that solve the puzzle of building an agile banking system. You can get a free guide here on how to make this a reality. 

Advantages of Using Mambu

  1. Ability to create customer success stories
  2. Full Agility. This means that implementation is done in months, updates are done constantly, and integration is done in a matter of minutes. 
  3. The first to make with new products 
  4. Developers can use intuitively designed APIs portals and webhooks for a seamless experience.

In Conclusion

Everything you need to create an agile banking system is available for you at Mambu. You can finally create a banking solution that addresses your specific needs and has no limitation for growth.

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