Salary calculator

Hello Tax Payer,

At Jisort, we champion relevant, convenient, and working solutions for our client’s needs.
That is why we also understand that since every employee in the formal sector has to pay taxes to Kenya Revenue Authority every month, there is a need for them to know the amount tax of that they will be paying every month (PAYE) and the amount of money that one will be remaining with after all deductions have been done from their Gross Salary (Net Income).

This important knowledge helps one to properly plan their monthly expenses and also to gauge their financial needs.

The Jisort team has thus developed a free, easy-to-use Salary Calculator that will help one to easily compute their PAYE and also to know their Net Income within a blink of an eye.

What do you need to know prior?
You will need to know your Gross Salary, your Contribution Benefits/Allowances, and your Other Deductions if any.

What will the calculator compute?
Once you feed in the needed figures, the Salary calculator will output your NSSF Contribution, Taxable Income, Personal Relief, PAYE, NHIF Contribution, and Net Pay.

Where do I find the calculator?
To access this free Salary Calculator, check in to our website so that you can be able to compute your tax payments and also your net income, among other interesting services offered by Jisort.


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