Top 7 Microfinance Softwares

Top 7 Microfinance Softwares


Innovative financial platform supporting Africa’s financial institutions in promoting financial inclusion and freedom in Africa. Jisort is not just a cloud microfinance software, Jisort is new age financial ecosystem of partners with a single mission of revolutionizing African finance market.

Jisort unlike cloud microfinance software listed below supports innovative technologies that are transforming the financial industry including:

Mobile lending – organizations can offer mobile lending using Jisort

Credit scoring –Jisort support credit scoring based on Telco/mobile data.

Others include; Mobile Money integrations, Bank Integrations, Mobile Apps

Jisort suits financial startups and innovative organizations keen to disrupt their industries, Jisort is not ideal for the financial banking organizations.

Target Market is small and medium innovative Microfinance Organizations.

Jisort is supported by a large community of partners who resell, deploy and even train the end user for effective utilization of Jisort

Jisort is a product by Ryanada Limited based in Nairobi Kenya.


Musoni is a cloud microfinance software forked from Mifos by a Dutch company Musoni Bv under business Musoni Services.

Supports all features including mobile applications, Mobile money integrations, loan features, payment features, reporting features, accounting features. It’s one of the best cloud microfinance software.

Its target market is large microfinance software.


Mambu is a popular cloud microfinance software forked from Mifos by a Germany (Berlin) based software company Mambu Systems.

Mambu supports all major features of a microfinance software. Mambu target markets is retail banks and very large microfinance institution ready for digital operations.



One of the oldest cloud microfinance software system.

Mifos can best be described as a web microfinance software system, it becomes cloud when it is deployed on the cloud.

It is an open source product managed by a large community with most developers and members drawn from India. Anyone can download and install Mifos for free.

Mifos license also allow redeveloping Mifos for commercial purposes just like Mambu and Musoni. There are several Mifos partners in Africa who help in deployment


A web based microfinance software serving SACCOs, Microfinance and Chama.

Esacco is a product of Ryanada Limited, as of December 2017, Ryanada Limited stopped supporting Esacco and transferred most of the clients to Jisort.

Esacco has further been released as an open source product and students can use it for education purposes.

Companies willing to develop Esacco to a commercial business can also fork the project and   continue the development while sharing their redevelopment back to the open source community. Try out Esacco, deploy it to the cloud to have a powerful cloud microfinance software

Bankers Realm

Powerful Microfinance software by Craft Silicon, a company based in Nairobi Kenya and with presence in many part of the world including India and US. Banker Realm is based on Microsoft technology. It does not qualify to be a cloud microfinance software, but it is worth mention as one of the best microfinance software.

Loan performer

Popular desktop based microfinance software by a company based in Kampala, Uganda.

They support Spanish, French, Russian and English on their system. They target small, medium and large Sacco. Get Loan performer and install for your use or for microfinance use. Obtain licenses and training  from loan performer guys  .

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