USSD Lending: What You Need To Know Now

In today’s article, you will learn more about USSD lending, what it is, and how you can benefit from it.

USSD stands for unstructured supplementary service data.

And as you can guess, it sounds so technical, which is true.

But don’t be fooled, it isn’t as hard as its sounds.

In fact, you have been using USSD codes every day.

Whenever you dial anything that starts with * and ends with #, you are using USSD.

For example;

When purchasing internet data, you often dial *544#.

You are using USSD codes.

And when it comes to lending, USSD is a godsend.

It is the best communication channel linking mobile financial services to low-income earners around the globe.

USSD Lending deployment

Apart from MPESA, other mobile financial services (MFS) within most of the developing countries leverage USSD lending codes to facilitate communications with the clients and the mobile lending platforms.

For example;

  • bKash in Bangladesh
  • Wing in Cambodia
  • EasyPaisa in Pakistan
  • Tigo in Tanzania 
  • EcoCash in Zimbabwe


It has to do with how easy it is to implement this strategy.

Additionally, no need for special infrastructure, after all, the USSD codes work on any mobile device (whether internet-enabled or not).

Numbers to dial to get a loan in Kenya

Looking for USSD codes to dial when looking for loans in Kenya?

Here is a list of Kenyan lenders already using USSD lending technology.

1. Chase Bank of Kenya – *275#

2. CFC Stanbic – *208#.

3. Barclays Bank Kenya (Timiza Loan USSD) – *224#. 

4. Bank of Africa(BOA) – *987#.

5. Commercial Bank of Africa – *654#. 

6. Co-operative Bank of Kenya – *667#.

7. Credit Bank of Kenya – *669#.

8. Diamond Trust Bank(DTB) – *385#. 

9. Ecobank – *335#.

10. Equatorial Commercial Bank(ECB) – *286#.

11. Equity Bank of Kenya – *247#.

12. Family Bank of Kenya – *325#.

13. Faulu microfinance DTM – *339#. 

14. First Community Bank (FCB) – *342#.

15. Gulf African Bank – *399#.

16. Housing Finance Company (HF Whiz Loan App USSD Code) – *231#.

17. I & M Bank Limited – *458#.

18. Jamii Bora Bank – *344#. 

19. Kenya Commercial Bank. (KCB Mobi loan USSD Code) – *522#. 

20. K-REP BANK – *527#.

21. Kenya Women Finance Trust(KWFT) – *378#. 

22. Musoni Microfinance Institution(MFI) – *279#. 

23. National Bank of Kenya (NBK) – *625#. 

24. NIC Bank Limited (NIC NOW USSD Code) – *488#. 

25. Post Office Savings Bank(Post bank) – *498#. 

26. Rafiki Microfinance bank DTM – *366#. 

27. SMEP DTM – *741#.

28. Standard Chartered Bank(SCB) – *722#. 

29. Transnational Bank of Kenya – *862#

Others include;

  • Get access to Haraka loans by dialing the USSD code *841#
  • Register for Zenka loans using this USSD Code *483*101#.

How to get a USSD code in Kenya

As you already understand the impact of having USSD codes for your lending business, here are steps you can take now to obtain your own.

This is how can I get a USSD code from Safaricom;

First, download an application form here.


  • Payment confirmation 
  • USSD application form (form attached above)
  • USSD Corporate application form 
  • Pin/VAT certificate  
  • Signed page of the CSP Agreement  
  • Application URL for mapping USSD code on production 
  •  Certificate of Incorporation

Again, find more information here.

What to do next

After securing your USSD lending codes, your next step is to get a system to help manage your clients.

Lucky for you, Jisort is currently offering a 30-day free trial.

Get in and test-drive the system now.

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