Top 7 CRM For Loan Management

The top 7 CRM for loan management provide essential tools for loan officers to manage, track, and nurture relationships with leads and clients. Here are the top 7 CRMs for loan management, along with their features and prices:


Retool is a versatile platform that allows users to build custom internal tools for various purposes, including loan management. With Retool, lenders can create a CRM for loan processing, automate loan approvals, and manage loan disbursements. Here are some key features and use cases of Retool for loan management:

  1. Loan Approval Dashboard: Retool can be used to build a tool that automates loan approvals by pulling in applicant information into an easy-to-use dashboard. This helps lenders make informed decisions and streamline the loan approval process.
  2. Know Your Customer (KYC) User Explorer: Retool can help lenders build a KYC user explorer to move new customers through the KYC compliance process faster than ever. This ensures that lenders are following regulatory requirements and protecting themselves from risk.
  3. Forbearance Application Processor: Retool can be used to build a tool that manages everything from forbearance application submission to approval. This helps lenders handle requests for loan modifications and extensions more efficiently.
  4. Loan Disbursement Tool: Retool can be used to build a tool that automates loan disbursement, maintains clean records, and pays out distributions with ease. This helps lenders keep accurate records of loan disbursements and provide a clean trail of loan amounts and communications to borrowers.
  5. Loan Management Software: Retool offers a loan management software template that helps lenders manage and track loans with a user-friendly interface. This template utilizes a dataset to store and organize loan information, making it easier for lenders to manage their loan portfolios.
  6. Loan Origination Dashboard: Retool can be used to build a loan origination dashboard that allows lenders to manage and analyze loan data, with each row representing a unique loan object. This helps lenders gain insights into their loan portfolio and make informed decisions.
  7. CRM for Loan Processing: Retool can be used to build a CRM for loan processing, enabling lenders to manage loans from a centralized application. This helps lenders surface relevant information to a team of loan processors, allowing them to quickly generate, approve loans, and manage loan applications.

Retool is a powerful platform that can be customized to meet the specific needs of lenders. It works out of the box with popular data sources like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and can be deployed on-prem for full control over security[1][2]. By using Retool for loan management, lenders can improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, and provide a better user experience for their borrowers.

Good Vibe Squad™:

Good Vibe Squad™ provides a mortgage CRM software platform designed to help loan officers manage, track, and nurture relationships with their leads and clients. It aims to organize, increase efficiency, improve time management, and enhance relationships with contacts.

HES LoanBox

HES LoanBox is a ready-made software solution designed to automate loan servicing processes, providing a functional borrower portal with SMS/email capabilities.

The platform offers features such as technically advanced KYC and scoring, rich loan servicing functionality, and support for multiple entities and currencies.

It also includes a landing website and mobile apps, enabling fast deployment (in less than a month) and end-to-end coverage of business processes, with a major focus on loan origination.

The system is recognized for its high level of automation, reliability, and ease of use.

HES LoanBox utilizes a KYC plugin and biometric authentication to identify borrowers, expediting the underwriting procedures while maintaining security.

The software enables credit officers to manage lending assets directly, providing flexibility and control over the lending process.

It offers a competitive advantage by allowing the update or launch of a new online customer acquisition channel to increase the number of loan applications and manage them automatically, resulting in higher conversion rates at lower operating costs.

HES LoanBox is a ready-made lending platform with customization options, offering full loan management process automation.

Surefire CRM:

Surefire CRM is widely regarded as the best CRM software for mortgage professionals. It is designed to help maintain a steady pipeline of repeat customers and avoid the loss of business for mortgage lenders. It seamlessly integrates with loan origination systems to facilitate mortgage lead generation and help close loans at an incredible pace.


HubSpot is a versatile CRM software with several features and functionalities that can be applied to any mortgage firm. It provides tools to help generate more mortgage leads, save time with follow-ups and workflow, and integrate with loan origination systems.

Financial Services Cloud by Salesforce:

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud is a robust CRM solution tailored for the financial sector, including mortgage and lending businesses. It manages the full spectrum of the lending lifecycle and offers seamless integration from application through to funding.

Mortgage Automator:

Mortgage Automator is a loan servicing and management solution for lenders, offering flexible loan servicing software for small lenders.

These CRMs offer a range of features such as centralizing customer data, tracking loan applications, automating communication, and seamless integration with loan origination systems. The prices and specific features of each CRM may vary, so it’s important to evaluate them based on the unique needs of your loan management business.

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