How To Come Up With A Good Name For A Business

In case you are wondering how to come up with a good name for a business, well you are in the right place.

how to come up with a good name for a business

A business name brings trust, value, identity, strategy and paves way for marketing and advertising on all platforms.

Having a good name saves one a lot. It is also the name that sells your business and before starting the business one ought to have :

  • Passion to drive you to make the different steps of the business road.
  • Energy- to keep going even when things don’t seem to be going the way one intends.
  • Courage- to try new strategies and skills to make it happen in the business world.

So how to come up with a good name for a business:

1. Abbreviation and acronyms 

Uniqueness is an essential aspect of the business. Abbreviating big names makes it exemplary and also makes it easy to remember.

Acronyms make the name seem short and simple consider BBC ( British Broadcasting Corporation) saying the whole name at times becomes difficult.

2. Using Keywords

Find the name that has a keyword. A word that is popular and is searched about but should be talking about the company.

Keywords also help the business to rank on search engines. They also help the clients get to know about your business fast through search engines.

3. Mashing up words

Mixing things up makes the name look and sound unique. Don’t just use a plain word, one can use nicknames and keywords to spice things up.

A name also can be mixed up with Latin words that create curiosity. It also brings a sense of uniqueness.

4. Using own names

Family business enterprises can use this approach like Micheal and Sons Associates to create awareness about the business.

It is effective and makes the business a trusted source. 

5. Brainstorming 

This is a good way to exercise the skills of critical thinking. Besides one comes up with great ideas as they brainstorm.

This approach is effective and gives one broad area to focus on and the different things happening around them.

6. Avoiding trends

The company will always evolve and using a trend might limit the growth. One incurs when they want to change for using trends.

Don’t incur the business and its resources rather avoid the trends. Some trends also may not make sense to the business.

7. Thorough research

The internet and social media are good sources to conduct research. Find out which business names are great. One can also pose a question like how to come up with a good name for a business?

People can also help one find a good name through suggestions. They will also guide you on what works and what doesn’t.

8. Tweaking spelling

This is a good way to make something unique and creative. One can remove one letter or add something that will deviate from the original meaning.

Flickr and Tumblr – these brands dropped the “e” at the end to create concise, eye-catching names.

Choose a name that’s essential for your company and invent a new way to spell it.

9. Avoiding narrow and literal names

Simply because you want to start selling shoes, don’t name your business as shoe’s center. Find creativity, make the name more unique and catchy.

Make the name descriptive, one that always catches the attention of the buyer.

10. Avoiding ambiguous words

Don’t use big flashy names that even people don’t understand what they mean. As much as one wants to be creative refrain from making incorrect choices.

Any business before starting starts with a business name. The name is an important key component that not only markets your business but grows its reputation too. 

Always strive to be unique, find criteria to come up with the best name. Now that you have an insight on how to come up with a good name for a business here is what to do next after choosing a business name.

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